Whitening Sensitive Teeth At Home

Just Smile

We’ve all heard a Smile is worth a thousand words and it’s so true!

Your smile says a lot about you, if your like me, your coffee obsessed and drink it non stop through out your week, along with the occasionally coke and lots of yummy foods, which causes discoloration and yellow stains on our beautiful teeth.

Well I have found the most amazing company “Smile Brilliant” they thrive on honest results and keeping it as easy as possible to keep your teeth white & shiny without harsh chemicals.

A little more about “Smile Brilliant”

They were founded in the good ole USA, they have over 30+ years in the dental field and the best part is it’s from dental lab to your door. Their teeth whitening process is recommended by more dentists than any other procedure in America. They produce custom-fitted whitening trays for 70% less than your dentist and 3x to 5x faster and they also ship worldwide!

I’ve been using Smile Brilliant for about 2+ weeks and I have been loving the teeth whitening process.

I have very sensitive teeth and after 6+ uses, I can say I have no sensitivity with this product!

They give you so much information about how to apply and what to do if your teeth are sensitive and it’s all worked!

With normally whitening stripes and other whitening products they either don’t work or cause major teeth and gum pain and I hate doing it!

The strips never stay in place and are always moving around my mouth causing uneven whitening and burning my gums.

The whitening tray you normally purchase are all the same size, there is no costume trays or fittings. Which means they are always way to big for my mouth and hurt my jaw while having them in.

But if your like me and have had these issues, your going to LOVE this company!

They costume make your trays and they are so thin you can’t even tell your wearing them.

The whitening solution works amazing! I could see stains coming off by the 2nd use and I actually enjoy whiting my teeth.

I can do it and get ready, cook dinner, watch a movie and never even know I have my trays in.

Also my little penny girl loves seeing mommy smile bright, so she joins in on the smiling for pictures as well.

Because I love and believe in this company and the whitening process me and Smile Brilliant have decided to giveaway this $149 kit to one of you, so you can start your whitening process!

Enter here⬇️



15% off store wide code: simplyjess215

I hope you’ll give them a follow on social media “SmileBrillaint” and check out all the amazing products on their website.

Before on top & after on bottom

(No more yellow looking stains)


Follow The Arrow

Hi, guys!

So excited to be sharing a new collaboration with JORD (Yode) watch bands with you today!

I have been dying to share how amazing this brand is and how much I am obsessed with my new Apple watch band. 

I want to share a little bit more about the company with y’all first, 

So JORD (pronounced Yode) was established in 2013 and is based in St. Louis, where they are continually developing new designs. The watches, Apple bands, and sunglasses are all a sophisticated mix of natural, and largely re-claimed materials, combined with quality movements and components.  

I want to hit 3 main reasons why I love this band and will be wearing it non stop from now on. 

1. The material is so soft and forms to my wrist, I have trouble finding many bands that don’t rub my wrist raw. This one doesn’t at all… YAY!

2. I love the fact that this is a classic look, it’s leather and feels so high class. It goes with my everyday looks, also my fancy night outs. 

3. I love the detail to this padded leather Apple band, the leather color is a beautiful camel color with cream thread, with the JORD name engraved on the clasped. It truly is a MUST for your watch band collection. 

Because I am so in love with this brand, JORD and I have decided to do an AWESOME GIVEAWAY!

We are giving away $85 to one lucky winner to go towards your watch or watch band of YOUR CHOICE from JORD, but don’t worry if you don’t win you’ll still receive 10% off your order from JORD… YAY!! 

How excited are y’all?

It’s super easy to enter, flow the link below and if you share my Instagram post or blog to your story and tag me, I’ll through in a little something extra in for you, if you’re the winner! 



Some extra thoughts, JORD actually offers more than just affordable Apple watch bands, They have a variety of accessories and also released some super dope exotic wood sunglasses.

I hope you guys will check them out and consider them for any of your gift needs, the holidays are coming up and any of their watches, bands, sunglasses would be a super stylish gift for any of your family or friends this season.